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Package 1
package 1

Only £69 crazy prices from PA Disco Hire

Package 1


• 1 x Microphone with table stand – Floor stand can be requested.
• 2 x Speakers with floor stands – Each speaker 300 watts (Minimum) - (Suitable for school / village hall (100 people), average garden or outside area size of a tennis court). You can upgrade to more powerful speakers during the booking process.
• 1 x Control box (the control box has an input facility for a Laptop computer / Ipod / CD Player / mobile telephone). The control box includes the volume level controls.

Price: £69

A returnable deposit of £150 is required prior to delivery.

The price includes one week hire of the equipment, The delivery and collection of the equipment is every Wednesday as standard, a small delivery charge may be payable, subject to location, please telephone for details. If an alternative delivery/collection is required. Please contact us so that your requirements can be discussed.

The equipment may not be identical to the pictures shown but will be equal or better than the requirement ordered.

Tel: 0774 392 7173 Surrey & surrounding areas

Tel: 0791 250 4652 Dorset and surrounding areas


Tel: 0774 3927 173 South

Tel: 0791 250 4652 South-West

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Security deposit.

Please make the security deposit 2 working days prior to the delivery of the equipment. The payment will be returned 1-2 days after collection of the equipment.


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